Immigration, Business & Commercial lawyer in Germany

We offer legal advise and representation before german courts and auhorities, especially concerning german and european migration law (residence and settlement permits in Germany, family reunification, naturalization, business migration, working permits), German family law and contract law. Our correspondence languages are German, English and French.



Civil and contract law

We are also working in the field of civil law, civil litigation before german courts, advice on collection of debts, enforcement in Germany, registration of foreign judgements and court orders in Germany and European Union.



European litigation

We also offer legal advise and representation in the field of the european collection procedures, espacially European Small Claims procedure (Council regulation No. 861/2007), European Payment Order for uncontested civil or commercial claims (Council regulation No. 1896/2006). The European Small Claims procedure certifate and European Payment Order certificate are enforcebable in European Union. 



International law

Our services also comprise export law, UN Sales law (CISG), International family law, Inharitance law in Europe, International contract law and international corporate law. For our private clients we offer all legal services for immigration of professionals, their families and foreign companies.