Consultation immigration lawyer Düsseldorf

If you would like to learn more about what chances your matter has without having to invest a large sum in legal fees right away, I would be happy to offer you an initial consultation. This can take place in my office, by phone, by Zoom, Google Meet or Messenger. In the initial consultation, you can describe your legal concern and get a strategy on how to achieve your goal and also enforce it against the authorities. I can conduct the consultation in German, English or French. For other languages you would have to hire an interpreter yourself.


You can send me your documents in advance and tell me any questions or concerns you would like to clarify during the initial consultation. During the consultation, I will inform you about the steps you can take yourself to resolve your case without a lawyer. Of course, I will also inform you about what I can do for you to achieve your goal and what this would cost. If your case has little chance, I will inform you about what you can do to improve your chances. It is my concern that all your questions are answered during the initial consultation.


A short consultation up to 60 minutes costs 150,00 €. A consultation up to 90 minutes costs 220,00 €. If you would like a short written summary of the results of the consultation after the consultation, I can prepare it for you for an additional 50,00 €. The prices include taxes.


If after the initial consultation you would decide to hire me to work on your case, the cost you paid for the initial consultation will be applied as an advance towards the cost of a subsequent engagement. For example, if you instruct me to handle a matter that costs 800,00 € and you have already paid 150,00 € for the initial consultation, after paying this initial consultation fee, the further representation costs will amount to 650,00 €. However, the representation costs will be discussed on a case-by-case basis, as they depend on the number of persons to be represented and the nature of the matter. Information on representation fees can be found in the respective categories.